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Andrew Lohner & Nina Hoffmann — Minted

Andrew Lohner


Nina Hoffmann

Wedding Party

Audrey Hoffmann

Maid of Honor

The Maid of Honor is Audrey Hoffmann, the younger sister of the bride. Although only 11 months younger than Nina, these two partners in crime have been inseparable since birth. Both have an insane love for car karaoke, ice cream and murder podcasts.

Audrey is a Physicians Assistant at United Health in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only she she care for her patients but she has the biggest heart for those she loves. Audrey is THEE best baby sister a girl could ask for!

Adam Lohner

Best Man

The Best Man is Adam Lohner is the older brother of Andrew. Growing up the two definitely find themselves in typically teenage shenanigan's ensuring they have each others backs .

Adam is currently working at Lehner Screw Machine in Parma where he recently bought a home and adopted his adorable pup, Gaia. You'll normally find Adam in his Greenbay Packers gear but also a hug fan of the Cleveland Guardians!

Abby Hoffmann

Matron of Honor

The Matron is Honor is Abby Hoffmann, the Sister-In Law of the Bride. Abby is the like a older sister to Nina! They both adore the love of "Friends" and baking to show their love to the people in their lives.

Abby worked for the city of Cleveland as an HR specialist and now is the AMAZING mother to Heidi, the first grandchild and niece of the Hoffmann Clan. Nina is so blessed to have Abby in their lives as she truly brings light and joy to all of us!

Travis Neal


Travis and Andrew are life long best friends that met in Kindergarten as Purple Crayons! Together, they've endlessly explored the Appalachian wildness backpacking on multi-day hikes. Feel free to ask Travis about the right of passage through Doly Sods.

Travis is a Clinical Scientist at GOJO and lives in Richfield, OH with his Fiancé Christina Toth and their two pups, Esri and Pronk!

Kari Rea


Kari Rea is the Best Friend of the Bride. These two go WAY back all way to elementary dance class. Thick as thieves, they have countless stories of late nights up at the Lake in Michigan to exploring their early 20's in the nations capital.

Kari is a Sr. Government Affair Manager at the Partnership for Public Service. She and her husband Ash are back in DC with their pup, Teddy! Soulmates come in all shapes and sizes and this long-term friendship is one near and dear to both!

Cody Eakes


Cody Eakes is a Friend of the Groom. They met freshman year while living on "4th North" while in College at Wright State. Late nights gaming, waiting for midnight releases and adventuring throughout Dayton built the friendship they hold today.

Cody is a Scientific Information Consultant at AbbVie and is located in the Dayton area with his girlfriend Steph, son Jaxson and pup Reggie!

Chloe Toman


Chloe Williams is the Friend and college roommate of the Bride. Their friendship started out on a roommate finder for Miami University which turned into a life long friendship. Their love for Michael Bublé, Volleyball, Christmas movies and late night gab sessions gave the pair countless memories at their time at Miami.

Chloe is a Digital Strategy Manager at Smith+ Nephew, plus a fantastic mother and wife to her husband Sean, and two boys Robbie and Hugh. Nina has always been inspired by Chloe kindness and ambition that she is honored to have this incredible, rock start of a woman by her side!

Zack Biser


Zach Biser is the Friend and college roommate of the Groom. They met freshman year while living on "4th North" at Wright State and remained roommates throughout college. The two have spent countless nights gaming and at Indy car races, including renting an RV for Mid-Ohio.

Zach is a Supply Chain Planner with Proctor and Gamble. He and his wife Lauren live in the Dayton area with their pup, Cooper, and are expecting their first child!